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Receive support during challenging times through mediation. Be heard in a safe space as an individual, or work through conflict as a group to find a fair resolution that saves you time and money by keeping you out of court.

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Joselin Corrigan, M.A.

Joselin (Josée) is an Indigenous, West Kootenay-based Mediator who provides families and individuals with a safe and encouraging space to resolve conflict. Her background includes an M.A. in Dispute Resolution, JIBC third party and family mediator certification, Mediate BC roster membership, and a decade in social work.

Joselin aims to help you avoid court by acting as a neutral facilitator as you talk through your issues to reach a fair resolution. She draws on analysis, process management, and strategy skills to guide you toward a mutually beneficial agreement. Her approach to conflict resolution is a creative and collaborative interest-based process that leads to constructive solutions. Joselin also offers conflict coaching to work with individuals through conflicts that are happening in their work or personal lives as well as Hear the Child interviews to listen to children and provide written reports of their views to those involved in family law cases.

As a local in the Kootenay area, Joselin understands the importance of confidentiality and discreet conflict management. She leads mediations with an unbiased opinion and will ensure you feel heard in your unique position. Joselin offers online mediation services for clients who have mobility issues or live outside the Kootenay area.

Collaborative Resolutions

Finding balance

Joselin can support you with mediation and Hear the Child reports:

Civil mediation – covers virtually every kind of dispute, except for situations where there is abuse and/or conflicts involving children.

Family mediation – covers disagreements within a family including separation, divorce, property and asset division, as well as planning tools including estate planning and cohabitation or marriage agreements.

Hear the Child reports –  These interviews and written reports are not assessments of the child or parents, rather reports of the child’s views so that the views can be heard and considered by the adults making decisions about the child’s best interests. Explore BC Hear the Child here: and view my profile at:

Call or email Joselin for a free 15 minute consultation. She will ask you some general questions to see if mediation will be suitable for your situation.

If mediation is going to work for you, Joselin will meet with everyone individually, either in person, by phone, or online to assess the situation, gather information, and hear your side of the story. This time helps her prepare strategies for constructive mediation.

If all parties commit, we schedule a mediation session to meet altogether. There are times when only one mediation session is needed to reach an agreeable conclusion, and other times ongoing sessions are required.

Mediation sessions last about 2-3 hours. You may reach a resolution in one session, but it’s possible more time will be necessary depending on the depth of conflict and your individual needs.

If all parties come to an agreement, Joselin will create a document that outlines the agreed upon details and plans. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) can be taken to a lawyer if necessary.

Mediation allows you to nurture and learn positive communication skills in an effort to reach common ground. It is a suitable and often better solution to sorting your dispute rather than settling in a courtroom. Mediation isn’t a form of therapy, however, it may still touch on personal issues and relationships. You can feel secure knowing that any personal information you share with Joselin is kept confidential. She helps people have more productive conversations and to craft durable agreements in an environment that is safe, confidential, creative, and, in the case of family mediation, can include the perspectives of their children.

Joselin provides a complimentary, confidential 15-minute consultation to determine if mediation will fit your situation.

If mediation is a fit for you, a retainer fee of $600 commits you to the process prior to a preliminary, pre-mediation meeting. Pre-mediation meetings give you a chance to tell your side of the story, ask questions, and determine your options.

If everyone agrees to participate then Joselin will arrange a mediation session for you to begin.

Pre-mediation sessions usually last about an hour and mediation sessions can be from 2-3 hours depending on if they are in person or online, and run at an hourly rate of $200. It is recommended that payment is split equally between both parties. Ask Joselin about sliding scale.

“Mediation bridges communication, resolves misunderstandings, and benefits all parties.”

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What are people saying?

“Josée is understanding and amazing! By the end of 2-3 hours, the end of the mediation, which was quite straight forward, Josée was able to help us have enough ideas to make a decision together and move on.”

“Working with an unwilling business partner is frustrating and very difficult. Joselin was extremely helpful in both sides having their say. She helped in setting respectful boundaries for a frank discussion and make inroads on a long bumpy road.”

“Our organization's experience with Porchlight Mediation has been excellent. Joselin is highly professional. She was respectful, collaborative, curious, resourceful and provided dignified care. I highly recommend Porchlight's services.”

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